We had water backing up into our basement from a clogged drain. DDs came and did a video inspection and found there were a ton of tree roots that had busted through our pipe. They cleaned it all out and repaired the pipe with their resin pipe in a pipe process. Our house was back to normal in no time!

Lori Hinson | Baltimore, MD

I had a busted pipe that was flooding my yard. I had spent quite a bit last year on professional landscaping. DDs came in and relined the pipe to repair it and didn't have to dig a nasty trench in my yard and destroy all the work I had done. Thanks so much. I will definitely be calling if I have another problem in the future.

Anthony Rinalso | Bel Air, MD

After our sewer pipe had backed up I had called a few different companies to repair it. I wasn't happy with the prices I was getting on estimates. I heard about DDs through a friend and gave them a call. After they did an inspection they gave me a quote and they beat out the other guys. As a single dad money is a little tighter and these guys took care of me and had the pipe cleaned and repaired in no time!

Andre Spindalson | Edgewood, MD

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